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DidySling Tranquility Size 1R

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Material: 40 % Organic Cotton, 60 % Linen

The surface weight informs you about the weight of the fabric.
The higher the surface weight, the higher the weight of the fabric. More Information
Surface weight: 380 g/m²

Different wrap edges: The long sides of the wrap vary in order to facilitate orientation for wrapping . They differ either in the colour or in the pattern. This makes it easy to distinguish the upper edge from the lower edge and facilitates tightening the individual fabric bands. Different Edges: Yes

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Product description

Handy and easy-to-use ring sling, fully adjustable and  well suited for any user.  Manufactured with the same fabrics that are used for creating the DIDYMOS wraps. Available in size 1R, the gathered "shoulder style" as a standard.

Our Tranquility model - an extraordinary piece of cloth with a stunning design. A true heavy weight that makes a comfortable and very supportive DidySling.

By combining anthracite coloured linen with thick, gold coloured linen and thin white cotton threads we could create a fabric featuring a unique, rich texture and vibrant pattern, smooth in places, yet dense and relief-like in others, a fabric with a wonderful grip.

Perfectly supportive and super comfortable once „broken in“, it makes also a great DidySling.

Richly textured and haptic in quality, the fabric is thick and heavy weight. Stiff and rough in loom state, it needs several washes and use to break in. With the linen fibres softening, the fabric gets soft and malleable unfolding its perfect wrapping qualities.

Fluffy, the thick linen threads will shed some fluff with the first washes. Once broken in, however, the pilling subsides and the golden shine of the thick linen comes back contrasting beautifully with the anthracite and white of the other yarns.

Solid and robust, with enough give to be nice to put on and to adjust, Tranquility is a very exceptional wrap and sling, worth while „breaking in“. It offers plenty of comfort and support that you will not want to miss. Absolutely comfortable and perfect for wearing your heavy toddler or pre-schooler.

Material: 40 % Organic Cotton, 60 % Linen

Surface weight: 380 g/m²

Washable: Up to 30°C, Gentle Cycle, Slow Spin Speed. Wash in Abundant Water

Colour: Anthracite, Gold, White

Different Edges: Yes

Care Instructions
Please follow our DIDYMOS Care Tips to make your DIDYMOS model last for many years.
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