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Baby Wrap Sling Lisca Minos

Item no. ttr-755
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100 % organic cotton

The surface weight informs you about the weight of the fabric.
The higher the surface weight, the higher the weight of the fabric. More Information
Surface weight: 190 g/m²

Different wrap edges: The long sides of the wrap vary in order to facilitate orientation for wrapping . They differ either in the colour or in the pattern. This makes it easy to distinguish the upper edge from the lower edge and facilitates tightening the individual fabric bands. Different Edges: No


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A very lightweight wrap featuring the Lisca pattern. This time we used anthracite threads for the warp and turquoise and cyclamen for the weft to accentuate the pattern. A particularly fine, soft and supple fabric which is ideal for newborn and for toddlers as well.

Jacquard weave: the patterns are WOVEN into the fabric and not printed on it. The patterns are the same on both sides.

The fabric is particularly tear-proof and has optimal diagonal stretch.


Surface weight: 190 g/m²

Colour: anthracite, turquoise, cyclamen

Different Edges: No

Lisca Minos

“I’m a longtime fan of Didymos’ lisca weave, but have only owned ‘thick’ versions (250+gsm), so I was excited to try a thinner lisca.

The colourway of is Minos really striking and grabs your attention immediately. From further away Minos appears a dark, saturated aubergine. However, close up it becomes apparent that there are 3 different colour threads – black, blue and pink. […]”

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Customer reviews (11) Rate our product

The color is beautiful..and it's so soft. I really love my Minos!!

Chiara 2016-08-27

Minos was my first Didy wrap and has since become my very favorite! I've been using this wrap since my daughter was 2 days old and love, love, love it! Such a great product!

Natalie 2015-06-05

A silky soft dream. Passes glide smoothly and hold fast without sagging. Thin and airy, yet very supportive and easy to work with.

Jennifer 2015-01-18

Is so soft, yummy and moldeable. Perfect for a little squish and younger child.

Hildigunnur 2014-05-31

I have this wrap in size 3. I especially enjoyed it in the summer with my one year old. I would drape it over my shoulders when she wanted to walk. Wearing it that way, or wearing her on my back, it wasn't too warm. The color is fantastic...dark and bright at the same time!

Nina 2014-05-30

My favorite woven wrap! Soft and very maniable.

Charlotte 2014-05-30

Just in love with our Lisca Minos, because it's the 1st wrap that I wore with my 2nd little baby, and for ever our favorite ! Sweet, mellow, beautiful...

Karine 2014-05-24

Jaunt perfect and easy for small babies.

Audrey 2014-05-24

Super weich und sofort kuschelig. Die Farben sind klasse.

Nicole 2013-12-05

Wow, das Tuch ist so herrlich weich! Meine anderen Tücher aus Jaquard-Baumwolle halten da nicht mit und Wollgemische sind eher was für den Winter! Und es ist wahr, es muss gar nicht "eingetragen" werden, es fällt traumhaft weich... sehr sehr toll für die ganz Kleinen... für Größere die gern zappeln lockert es auf dem Rücken doch noch etwas nach und ich bevorzuge "robustere Tücher". Dennoch gibt es für das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis und diese einmalige Weichheit volle Punktzahl!!! :)

Jennifer Christina 2013-04-02

Ein ganz ganz weiches Tuch. Die grätige Webart macht es sehr angenehm im Griff, es muss gar nicht erst "eingetragen" werden, da es sich von Beginn an gut anschmiegt. Trotzdem bietet es recht gute Stabilität und leiert nicht.
Für meinen schweren Tragling (15kg) ist es allerdings nicht fest genug, für kleinere aber ist es super.
Ich fand, dass die Farbe in natura einen Stich violetter wirkte als auf den Bildern.

juliane 2013-03-01
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Wrap Size
2ca. 270cm
3ca. 320 cm
4ca. 370 cm
5ca. 420 cm
6ca. 470 cm
7ca. 520 cm
8ca. 570 cm
Size 2 - ca. 270 cm
up to size 14UK/12US
Size 3 - ca. 320 cm
up to size 22UK/20US
up to size 14UK/12US
Size 4 - ca. 370 cm
up to size 22UK/20US
up to size 14UK/12US
Size 5 - ca. 420 cm
up to abt. size 26UK/24US
up to size 14UK/12US
Size 6 - ca. 470 cm

up to size 14UK/12US

up to size 22UK/20US

up to abt. size 26UK/24US

Very petite and slender women may use one wrap size smaller.

If your child will be carried by different people with the same DIDYMOS Baby Wrap you should pick the wrap length that best fits the person who will be using it most often. The other persons will be able to tie different carries that fit their own size and the wrap length you choose.

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