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DidySling Trias Cashmere

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Material: 70 % Organic Cotton, 30 % Cashmere

The surface weight informs you about the weight of the fabric.
The higher the surface weight, the higher the weight of the fabric. More Information
Surface weight: 250 g/m²

Different wrap edges: The long sides of the wrap vary in order to facilitate orientation for wrapping . They differ either in the colour or in the pattern. This makes it easy to distinguish the upper edge from the lower edge and facilitates tightening the individual fabric bands. Different Edges: Yes

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Product description
Ringslings, convenient and quick to put on, fully adjustable and well suited for any user. Manufactured with the same fabrics that are used for creating the DIDYMOS wraps, they are available in size 1R with a gathered "shoulder style" as standard.    
DidySling Trias is made from a soft cushy double weave fabric featuring an all-over pattern woven from natural coloured cotton with finest, silver grey cashmere wool. Due to the weave, it seems to be much more lightweight than it it really is and it gives a very comfortable shoulder feel.

Due to its slightly grippy texture, it is ideal to hold knots and rings firmly in place yet the fabric glides smoothly for easy adjusting.

As always, the cotton as well as the cashmere wool meet the highest organic standards. Dyes are without any harmful substances.

Solidly woven, durable and supportive, the fabric is mouldable with the right amount of stretch to allow for comfortable and precise tying of front, hip and back carriers.

A perfect sling for newborn all the way through to heavier toddlers.

Available in very limited quantities.

Material: 70 % Organic Cotton, 30 % Cashmere

Surface weight: 250 g/m²

Colour: Silver-Grey, Natural

Washable: max 30° C - do not spin cycle!

Different Edges: Yes

Age of child: From Birth

Care Instructions
Please follow our DIDYMOS Care Tips to make your DIDYMOS model last for many years.
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