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Baby Wrap Sling Ada Ganymed Linen

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Material: 60 % Organic Cotton, 40 % Linen

The surface weight informs you about the weight of the fabric.
The higher the surface weight, the higher the weight of the fabric. More Information
Surface weight: 280 g/m²

Different wrap edges: The long sides of the wrap vary in order to facilitate orientation for wrapping . They differ either in the colour or in the pattern. This makes it easy to distinguish the upper edge from the lower edge and facilitates tightening the individual fabric bands. Different Edges: Yes

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Product description

Here we go with another strong piece of cloth! Sturdy and thick, with the great texture and beauty of the Ada pattern. 

So why not call it Ganymed, a king's son known for his beauty in Greek mythology, and who, later on, became the name-giver for the massive and biggest Jupiter moon.

It’s the special percentage of cotton and linen yarns that make it so heavy-weight and comfortable to wear. Dense and beautifully “Old school” Jacquard weave and the right amount of diagonal give allow the wrap to be supportive and perfectly moldable.

The fabric has a dark blue cotton warp that contrastingly interweaves with red, shimmering linen.  Experienced wrappers will love to use it for wearing even the heaviest toddler. The initial stiffness turns into softness with the first washes and use. This is why beginners will learn quickly how to tie it into a comfortable and snug carry for their very little ones.

And, not to forget, linen is appreciated for its breathability and this is another plus of this wrap, particularly when the days are getting warmer.

Care: Linen needs do be washed in abundant water!

Material: 60 % Organic Cotton, 40 % Linen

Surface weight: 280 g/m²

Colour: Dark Blue, Red

Washable: Up to 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Slow Spin Speed, Wash in Abundant Water!

Age of child: From Birth

Different Edges: Yes

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Care Instructions
Please follow our DIDYMOS Care Tips to make your DIDYMOS model last for many years.
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Sizes and tying methods
Wrap Size
2ca. 270cm
3ca. 320 cm
4ca. 370 cm
5ca. 420 cm
6ca. 470 cm
7ca. 520 cm
8ca. 570 cm
Size 2 - ca. 270 cm
up to size 14UK/12US
Size 3 - ca. 320 cm
up to size 22UK/20US
up to size 14UK/12US
Size 4 - ca. 370 cm
up to size 14UK/12US
Size 5 - ca. 420 cm
up to abt. size 26UK/24US
up to size 14UK/12US

up to size 14UK/12US

up to size 22UK/20US

up to abt. size 26UK/24US

Very petite and slender women may use one wrap size smaller.

Sometimes the mother is much smaller than the father or another person who wants to use the wrap as well. In this case we recommend to choose a size that suits the mother. The taller person may not be able to tie ALL carries, especially the Wrap Cross Carry, but at least the mother won't have to handle a wrap that is far too long for her.

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