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Baby Wrap Sling Lisca Jeans

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100% Organic Cotton

The surface weight informs you about the weight of the fabric.
The higher the surface weight, the higher the weight of the fabric. More Information
Surface weight: 230 g/m²

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Product description

Supportive and incredibly soft, Lisca Jeans woven in contrasting colours of dark blue and natural to accentuate the classic herringbone pattern.
Medium weight, the fabric is airy and incredibly soft, yet very supportive and has good diagonal stretch allowing to comfortably hold and carry your newborn and toddler as well.

The popular Didymos herringbone pattern is WOVEN into the fabric and is the same on both sides,  the colours are inverted.

Please follow. our care instructions to make this baby wrap last for many years.

Surface weight: 230 g/m²

Colour: Dark Blue, Natural

Washable: Max. 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Low Spin Speed

Age of child: From Birth

How to find the right size?


View DIDYMOS size guide

Care Instructions
Please follow our DIDYMOS Care Tips to make your DIDYMOS model last for many years.
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Das Lisca Tuch ist unheimlich weich für den Tragenden und den zu Tragenden, das bereits beim ersten Tragen! Ein unvergessliches Kuschelerlebnis. Besonders für den Winter empfehlenswert, aber auch für kühlere Sommertage/ Nächte überaus zu empfehlen. Auch mein Mann liebt es dieses Tuch zu tragen. Mitlerweile sind wir beide didyfiziert und können nicht mehr ohne unser Lisca Jeans. Zeitlos, kuschelig warm und nicht mehr wegzudenken.

Jessica 2020-10-15
Sizes and tying methods
Wrap Size
2ca. 270cm
3ca. 320 cm
4ca. 370 cm
5ca. 420 cm
6ca. 470 cm
7ca. 520 cm
8ca. 570 cm
Size 2 - ca. 270 cm
up to size 14UK/12US
Size 3 - ca. 320 cm
up to size 22UK/20US
up to size 14UK/12US
Size 4 - ca. 370 cm
up to size 22UK/20US
up to size 14UK/12US
Size 5 - ca. 420 cm
up to abt. size 26UK/24US
up to size 14UK/12US
Size 6 - ca. 470 cm

up to size 14UK/12US

up to size 22UK/20US

up to abt. size 26UK/24US

Very petite and slender women may use one wrap size smaller.

If your child will be carried by different people with the same DIDYMOS Baby Wrap you should pick the wrap length that best fits the person who will be using it most often. The other persons will be able to tie different carries that fit their own size and the wrap length you choose.

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