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DidySling Wellen granat, Regenschirm DidySling Waves Garnet DIDYMOS model Waves is available in many colourways: silver, lime green, acqua or garnet red (see picture). 84,80 € And if I already have a short baby wrap? Here a DIY tutorial.

DidySling - The Practical Sling for Baby from Birth

The DIDYMOS DidySling is a baby carrier that does not need any knots, Velcro or buckles. It is very easy to use and is quick to handle. Practical is its middle name. With this ring sling, your child can be carried in three ways – on the hip, on your front or on the back. Our DidySling is available in many colours, different patterns, fabrics, and prices:

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The Practical DidySling: A Ring Sling Without Any Knots

The DidySling baby sling has no knots, Velcro or buckles. There are just two rings sewn into one end of a shorter baby wrap, making it a ring sling baby carrier. Simply pass the free end of the woven fabric through the rings as if through a belt buckle and tighten once. Slip it onto one shoulder, and the DidySling is ready to go. This baby wrap sling variant is not only quick to put on and size comfortably, but it’s also stylish and practical at a great price.


Instructions: How to Put on & Carry with The DidySling

Do you want to make sure that it really works as easily as promised? We’ve prepared a video tutorial and other useful tips for you, so that nothing can really go wrong when wearing your new DIDYMOS DidySling.


What is the DidySling Baby Carrier Suitable for?

The DidySling is unbeatable, especially when you need to get going quickly. You can put the sling on and take it off just as fast. The DidySling is the perfect companion, especially for short distances: the baby, just comfortably carried on the hip, on the back or on your front, is quickly freed for crawling, running or playing. Is your baby ready to go up, again? Put the DidySling on, put your child in, pull it tight – off you go!

All in all, a simple but effective and safe sling from birth. It’s as soft as our baby wraps, but oh so quick to get the fabric to right size. Available in organic cotton and organic cotton premium blends. If you are still unsure which sling is suitable for which occasion and what age and weight, you can use our DIDYMOS Carrier Comparison tool to help you.


Optimal Fit from Birth Onwards

The DidySling adapts perfectly to the body shape of mum or dad or the wearer and to that of the child. Like the DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling, the DidySling can therefore be used from birth until you’re no longer wearing your child.


What Materials is the DidySling Made of?

The DidySling carrier is available in many different colours and patterns, in organic cotton and more. It is currently available in almost all sling fabric variations, including a mix with high-quality natural fibres such as new wool, hemp or cashmere. The ecological materials used for the production of all DIDYMOS slings are of course also used on this well priced carrier. You can read more about this here.


Any further questions? Then please contact our friendly customer service team or describe your request using our contact form.