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Didytai Standard grau, Streifen Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) Standard Grey A Meh-Dai style carrier for every occasion. 119,00 € DidyTai Klee, grün, Rückentrage What is a Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai)? Why do we manufacture this carrier?

Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) - the easy way to carry your baby

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Comfort your baby in a simple way

The Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) is a simple to use baby carrier. This special carrier offers parents many comfortable and anatomically correct carrying positons.  With many different tying methods available, parents can carry their newborn in a front, side or back position. The DIDYMOS Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) offers great flexibility and saves time when you are starting to learn to wrap your baby. This soft structured carrier, also called “Mei Tai”, “Bei Dai”, and “Meh Dai”, has several advantages compared to other carriers on the market. DIDYMOS offers you many different  models, including the Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) “Lisca”, the Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) “Doubleface” and the Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) “Jacquard.” All are produced to meet the exceptional DIDYMOS high quality standard of being beautiful, but also the most comfortable for your baby. You can see which Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) position fits best for you in our magazine. Look at our full line of DIDYMOS baby carriers yourself online now; a guaranteed perfect start in your baby’s upcoming life!