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DidyKlick Prima Aurora Aurora - our favourite all time classic. Now available as half buckle carrier. 149,00 € There is a wide range of baby carriers, you can find all DIDYMOS baby carriers here.

Baby Carriers as a Practical Companion for Everyday Life with a Child

An ergonomic baby carrier promotes the healthy development of the hips, leads to a close bond and familiarity between mummy or daddy and baby, and is also practical. Thanks to the carrier, you have your hands free, but your child is still safe and close to you. At DIDYMOS, we offer four different baby carrier models, outlined here. Of course, all models are available in different colours, patterns and prices and are always high quality.


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Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai)

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Didy Onbuhimo

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Baby Carriers in Different Designs

The baby carrier is a popular alternative to baby wrap slings, as they allow more cool air through the panels, and is available in many variations. They all combine basic components, i.e. two straps, a panel or back section, and a pelvic or, alternatively, abdominal belt. A distinction can be made between the technical terms wrap conversions, half buckle and full buckle. At DIDYMOS we offer four different baby carrier models, which in turn are available in different colours, patterns, and prices: DidyKlick, DidySnap, DidyTai and DidyGo. What’s the difference between them?


For What Age & Weight are DIDYMOS Baby Carriers Suitable?

The DIDYMOS baby carriers are recommended for different age and weight groups:


All four baby carriers from DIDYMOS can carry up to 20 kg. If you are unsure which carrier is suitable for which hot or cool air temperatures, and which age and weight, you can use our DIDYMOS Baby Carrier Comparison. There you will find the most important facts for all models in direct comparison.


Different Types of Baby Carriers

At DIDYMOS we offer four different baby carrier variations. What they all have in common are high quality materials from regional production, well thought-out details and sustainable, fair production. But what are the most striking differences? And which baby carrier is best for whom?

DidyKlick Baby Carrier

The DidyKlick is a practical half buckle carrier that can be attached with just one click thanks to the practical waist strap. Cotton back panels can feel like air mesh at staying cool. Simply strap it on & off you go! The baby carrier can be used in three ways: on the back, on the side and on the front of the wearer.

DidySnap Baby Carrier

DidySnap is a full buckle carrier with two fastening systems for optimum support and ergonomic fit. Thanks to the infinitely variable adjustment system, this carrier grows with the child, from newborn right up to toddler age, and in the cool air feel as comfortable as air mesh.

DidyTai Baby Carrier

Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) is a mixture of baby wrap sling and baby carrier. This baby carrier offers many individual adjustment possibilities – all without snap fasteners, buckles and Velcro.

DidyGo Baby Sling

DidyGo is an Onbuhimo carrier that does not need a waist belt to make a seat. It is made for children who already have good trunk control or can sit independently. It is also suitable for pregnant wearers who have been thinking air mesh may help when they’re feeling hot.


Why Carry at All? What Baby Carriers Can Do

Carrying is love. You have probably heard this saying before. But why? Whether in a baby carrier or a baby wrap sling – carrying your baby in ergonomic positions supports the healthy physical and psychological development of your child. By carrying your baby, beyond the newborn stage, you strengthen the emotional bond between parents, mum or dad, and child. It is not only practical because you have your hands free while you carry your baby, but it also promotes a sense of intimacy between you and your baby.

Another positive effect of carrying is the influence on the child’s physical development. For example, correct carrying positions can promote healthy hip development and also stimulates blood circulation in the child. Helping babies regulate their temperature as if wearing air mesh, carrying your baby can also help or prevent upset stomachs and colic. If you want to find out more about the positive effects of carrying your baby, you can read more here.

Any more questions? If so, please contact our friendly customer service team or use our contact form to tell us about your concern.