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Doll Sling Lisca Smeraldo

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Material: 100% Organic Cotton

The surface weight informs you about the weight of the fabric.
The higher the surface weight, the higher the weight of the fabric. More Information
Surface weight: 185 g/m²

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Length 100 % Organic Cotton

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Product description

Doll Sling - makes a perfect gift for an older sister or brother. or, for grown-ups,  a beautiful shawl as well.

The doll sling is only half as wide as the baby wrap sling. Length abt. 320 cm.

We combined emerald green warp yarns with steel blue and anthracite weft yarns to create the finely structured pattern.

A classical Jacquard weave fabric which means that the patterns are WOVEN into the fabric and not printed on it. The patterns are the same on both sides,  the colours are reversed.

The fabric is particularly tear-proof and has optimal diagonal stretch.

Click here to view detailed care instructions.


Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Surface weight: 185 g/m²

Colour: Emerald Green, Steel Blue, Anthracite

Washable: Max. 60° C, Gentle Cycle

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